What does it take to become a Gyroplane Pilot if you hold no other flying licences or ratings?

What does it take to become a Gyroplane Pilot if you hold no other flying licences or ratings?

  • You have to be in possession of a valid Class 4 Flight Medical Certificate before training commences.
  • You are required, by law, to have a minimum of 30 flight hours. This means you will be required to do a minimum of 15 hours dual, as well as, a minimum of 15 hours solo flying.
  • You will be required to write the following exams (which require a minimum pass rate of 76%):
    • Human Performance
    • Navigation
    • Meteorology
    • Engines & Airframes
    • Principles of Flight
    • Air Law
    • Gyro Specific
  • Air Law, Principles of Flight, Engines & Airframes & Gyro Specific exams must be completed before flying solo.
  • Navigation, Meteorology and Human Performance exams must be completed before flying solo cross country.
  • All exams must be taken within 12 months of the application for a Student Pilots Licence.
  • You will be required to obtain a Radio Telephony Licence (which we do not provide but can facilitate on your behalf & will be for your account). The Radio Course should be completed early in your training process as it is needed before any exams can be written.
  • You will also be required to pass your Flight Test at the end of the training with an independent instructor once the minimum hours have been achieved, which Cape Recreational Flight Training will arrange.
  • All students must be members of the Morningstar Flyers Club.

We offer a package at R8,550.00 which covers the following fees

  • All Pre & Post Flight Briefing. We make provision for 30min pre flight briefing and 30min post flight briefing;
  • Principles of Flight & Engines & Airframes Presentation/lecture;
  • Pilot Pack which consists of: Flight Bag, Map, Ruler, Protractor, Log Book & all appropriate Flight Training Manuals.
  • All statutory fees in terms of part 187 of Civil Aviation Law with regard to:
    • Issuing of your Recreational Pilots Learners Licence (valid for one year only)
    • RAASA Exam Registration Fee;
    • Morningstar Exam Fee – 6 Exams – (Rewrites will be for your own account @ R150.00 per re-write);
    • Issuing of your National Recreational Pilots Licence;
    • Administrative Fees;
    • Courier Fees.

The package excludes the membership fee for Western Cape Microlighters Club, Radio Licence Course & Exam Re-writes.

Training takes place from Monday to Friday only. The first lesson starts at 09:00 and last lesson starts at 15:00. Unfortunately no circuit training is allowed on public holidays or weekends. Each lesson will be a duration of two hours – 30min pre-briefing, 1 hour flying and 30min post briefing.

Should you wish to use CRFT Gyros, we offer the following:

  • Magni M16 (Dual & Solo) rates: R2,500.00 p/h which includes the Instructor, School Gyro & Fuel but excludes insurance.
  • Should you wish to be trained on your own Gyro, the instructor rate is R750.00p/h. The Gyro is to be registered directly with Morningstar Flight Academy (MSFA). This should be done before training commences. CAA & RAASA fees are applicable. R100.00 p/h will also be due to MSFA for every hour flown in your own aircraft during training.

If you wish to go ahead with your Gyro training at Cape Recreational Flight Training, the following is required:

  • 2 Certified copies of your ID;
  • 4 Passport size photos;
  • 2 Certified copies of your class 4 or Medical Certificate;

We are unable to operate on credit and we would appreciate at least one hour of flight training fees in advance.

Flight bookings can be made directly with Christine via email at or 082 COME FLY or 082 44 77 444.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the wonderful world of Gyroplane Flying.