Luke Rolfe

The Morningstar Flight Academy, founded over 27 years ago, is a fraternity of aviation enthusiasts who enjoy everything relating to recreational aviation.

Luke Rolfe

Name: Luke Rolfe

Qualifications: CPL/IF, GRIII instructors

What ignited your passion for flying? I had always had an interest in flying but when I went for my first flight in an GA aircraft I became really passionate about it.

How many flying hours do you have? 350

How many aircraft are you rated on? 5

What is your favourite aircraft to fly and why? The Mooney is my favourite as it’s a complex aircraft and its fast and lots of fun to fly!

The perfect student would be: A student who is passionate about their flying and who continuously wants to learn and improve.

In my spare time I enjoy: If not flying then I enjoy spending time with my friends and also spending time at the beach or exploring our country.

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