Michael Blignault

SACAA CPL with Grade 3 Instructors Rating

Michael Blignault

SACAA CPL with Grade 3 Instructors Rating.

What ignited your passion for flying?
When I was 6, I was asked to draw a picture of what my ideal super power would be and it was being able to fly.

How many flying hours do you have?
+/- 300 hours.

How many aircraft are you rated on?
9 Cessna 150,172,177, Cirrus SR20, Diamond DA20, Piper warrior and tomahawk, Sling 2 and Mooney M20.

What is your favourite aircraft to fly and why?
So Far the Mooney M20 because of the speed and complexity.

The perfect student would be:
Dedicated and keen to learn.

In my spare time I enjoy:

Michael Blignault