Alexander Villette

SACAA Commercial Pilot’s License with Grade II Instructors Rating

Alexander Villette

SACAA Commercial Pilot’s License with Grade II Instructors Rating.

What ignited your passion for flying
From about 3 or 4 years old, I’ve always been fascinated with aircraft. I remember sitting in my grans yard one afternoon and seeing the SAA 747s flying overhead on approach and ever since I’ve been hooked. Also attending air shows throughout primary school years just kept the fire burning for wanting to fly.

How many flying hours do you have?
+/- 1100 hours as of January 2020.

How many aircraft are you rated on?
5 aircraft in all: Sling 2 TC06 and X333, Diamond dv-20 series, Piper P28A series, and the Mooney M20J.

What is your favourite aircraft to fly and why?
Definitely the Mooney M20J. Just for its power, speed, and capabilities. All in all, an easy and comfortable (and fast) aircraft to fly.

The perfect student would be:
One who comes prepared to the lesson, is not afraid to ask questions and enjoys learning.

In my spare time I enjoy:
Relaxing and travelling. Also spending time with family and friends.