Elandre Cloete

Instructor GR III

Elandre Cloete

Qualifications: Completed the Integrated ATP course at 43 Air School in 2015 and graduated with my commercial pilot license. Completed my Grade 3 Instructor rating in 2018.

What ignited your passion for flying?  My best friend when I was about 6 years old had a passion for aircraft and he ignited my passion for aviation and aircraft. From there my love and passion for aviation just grew. 

How many flying hours do you have? +- 300 hours

How many aircraft are you rated on? I am rated on 4 different aircraft. The Piper 140/180, Piper Arrow, Piper Seneca and the Sling 2.

What is your favourite aircraft to fly and why? My favorite aircraft that I have flown is the Piper Arrow.
It’s a beautiful aircraft and flies amazingly. 99 out of 100 landings
done on the arrow are greasers. 

The perfect student would be: The perfect student would be someone that is extremely sharp
and bright and that has a huge passion for flying. Someone that wants to learn
everyday and is also hungry for knowledge. 

In my spare time I enjoy: In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, watching series and movies. I also enjoy playing flight simulator programs. I also have my own YouTube channel which focuses on aviation. 


Elandre Cloete