Private Pilots Licence (PPL)

You have just taken the first step to becoming a qualified pilot!

You have just taken the first step to becoming a qualified pilot!

What is a Private Pilots Licence?

A PPL (Private Pilots Licence) allows you to fly recreationally and to be the pilot in command of an aircraft (without payment). Getting your PPL (Private Pilots Licence) is the first step you will need to take should you wish to become a Commercial Pilot or an Airline Transport Pilot. The PPL is the foundation of your flying career, this is where you will learn all the principlers of becoming a pilot.

What to expect during your first flight

An introduction flight will give you the opportunity to get a feel for what it’s like to fly in a light aircraft. You will also be given the chance to operate the controls under the watchful eye of your experienced instructor. It will be made very clear to you when you have control and when the instructor has control of the aircraft. You will start by taxiing to the runway and running through a series of checks before you roll down the runway and take to the skies. Once you are airborne you will be taken into the training area where you will have the opportunity to get a feel for the aircraft and its controls. The flight will last appromimately 40 minutes, after which you will fly back and land the aircraft.


  • A Class II Flight Medical Certificate.
    This medical certificate can be obtained from a SACAA approved Medical Examiner and is valid for 24 months. If you are unsure on where to find a SACAA approved Medical Examiner please contact us and we will provide you with the relevant details.
  • A Student Pilots Licence (attainable at 16 years of age).
  • Be a minimum age of 17 years of age.
  • Be fluent in the English.
  • Passed all ground school subjects.
  • A valid restricted radio certificate.
  • A minimum of 45 hours of training.

Duration of Training

It is difficult to determine beforehand how long a student will take to aquire their Private Pilot Licence. Each person is unique in their learning of skills and theory. The weather also plays a major role in flight training. Essentially your flight training will take as long as needed to ensure you grasp all the aspects of your training and that you are comfortable in the air.

What will the PPL cost me?

  • Aircraft Hire – Sling – min. 45hrs: R 73 125 (R1 625 x 45hrs)
  • Flight Instructor GR III – min. 39hrs: R 12 600 (R 315 x 39hrs)
  • Flight Instructor GR II – min 6hrs: R1875 (R 375 x 6hrs)
  • Ground School and Briefings – 7 Subjects: R 4445.00
  • Books and Equipment: R4 401
  • CAA SPL/PPL: R1770
  • SACAA Exams, incl. 7 exam fees, excl. re-writes: R1 750 (R250 x 7 exams)
  • SACAA Radio Exam, excl. re-writes: R450
  • Morningstar Flying Club Membership: R2600 (pa)
  • Total
    (This excludes the cost of the final flight test, Medical, Radio licence, Language proficiency test, and courier fees)
    R 123 617.00

Prices are subject to change without notice – for a detailed break down, or for an updated quote, please contact the office on +27 (0)21 569 3726

If you have any questions please visit the FAQ page or Contact us.

Training Courses

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