Nelius Smith

SACAA CPL ME/IR, Frozen ATPL and Grade 3 Flight Instructor

Nelius Smith

SACAA CPL ME/IR, Frozen ATPL and Grade 3 Flight Instructor.

What ignited your passion for flying?
Growing up on a farm I enjoyed operating big machinery which led me to work in the USA. That got me excited about the adventure of traveling. Becoming a pilot was the best way for me to combine these passions and during the training my decision was solidified.

How many flying hours do you have?
+/- 300 hours

How many aircraft are you rated on?
5 Aircraft. Piper (Cherokee, Arrow, Twin Comanche) Diamond DV20 and Sling 2

What is your favourite aircraft to fly and why?
Piper Twin Comanche, of the aircraft that I’ve flown it was the most challenging and I enjoy a challenge.

The perfect student would be:
Someone that is on time, prepared for the lesson and excited to learn.

In my spare time I enjoy:
Being active and a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking and surfing.

Nelius Smith